Bill Validators and Cassettes

If you want to earn some additional income for your business by installing a vending machine or other small transactional devices, a bill validator is something you should consider buying as well. These products streamline your cash handling processes and protect your hard-earned money. Equipped with cutting-edge technology, a money validator scans inserted notes and carefully compares various characteristics to pre-stored identification aspects in the device’s memory. This ensures accurate validation of different bills and safeguards against counterfeit money.

Sometimes changing out a validator or cassette is all it takes

We can supply all of your bill acceptor and cassette needs.  We have the following:

  • MEI bulk note feed and single note feed advance validators
  • MEI 1200 note and 2200 note cassettes
  • Cashcode single note feed validators
  • Cashcode 1500 note cassettes


Not only do these bill validators provide a secure method for receiving cash, but they also allow you to record and track the money inserted. Whether you’re controlling income from vending machines or processing payments for other convenience store or gas station devices, these bill validators are the ideal solution. Contact us today to learn more and take the first step toward elevating your cash management capabilities.