Retail Cash Safes

A cash management solution is an investment and at Heathco, we understand that.
We want to work with you to find a cash management system that offers you a return on your investment. How?
By helping you spend less time opening envelopes to count cash and change so you can focus on the larger tasks a hand.
Below we outline some of the industries we work with.

Cash Handling

We’d like to emphasize that our retail cash safes are for cash handling rather than storage like standard home safes for valuables or to secure firearms. Our cash management solutions are the best fit small organizations, retailers, shops, and franchises.

Small Businesses Solutions

We focus on providing retail cash safe solutions to small business owners as we understand that cash handling can drain money, manual cash handling is time-intensive and unprecise. We also understand the financial impact external theft and internal shrinkage have on a business.

Convenience Stores and Gas Stations

As a small business, convenience stores and gas stations are at risk for theft internally as well as externally. These businesses have a small footprint and can become quite busy with employees constantly moving around. If your convenience store is part of a franchise, you may have exacting policies about who can handle cash and when.

Heathco has a number of cash management solutions ideals for gas stations and convenience stores. If your store has a large change fund or deals in smaller bills, a tube-dispensing safe may be a great entry-level solution. If you’re looking for something more sophisticated, we have tube dispensing safes with bill validation and tracking technology. Bill validation ensures that you’re receiving authentic currency and tracking technology allows you to keep a closer eye on your revenue.

Independent and Specialty Retail Stores

If you own a small retail business you know customer service is key. You’re focused on helping your patrons and probably receive a lot of foot traffic. Cash is often handled by making a daily drop to the closest bank. Add that daily drop to the time it takes to manually count the cash and you’ll have one exhausted owner/manager.

Several of our retail cash safes can help reduce the number of daily drops an owner has to make, help them track their profits, and provide a safe haven for cash when customers are coming and going. A number of our cash management solutions can be tailored to your business with a specific validator configuration. Need single note feeds or bulk note feeds? How about different compartment/cassette sizes? We work with leading manufacturers to ensure you get the retail cash safe you need.

Other Industries

Our retail safe solutions are a great fit for a number of other industries including:

• Quick-serve restaurants
• Small health care practices
• Vehicles For Hire
• And more!

Want to find the right retail cash safe for your business? Call 1-800-731-2441 for current pricing. Or email us!