Bill Validating Safes

These bill validating safes help to manage and automate all your daily drops. Instead of making manual drops, all of your notes are run through the bill acceptors which will eliminate drop discrepancies and ensure a perfect count.

Large safe

Armor 2400 Series

The Armor 2400 Series offers the ultimate level of cash-counting and bill validation with an audit trail of all transactions. This bill validating safe can be ordered with various validator configurations, like single-note feed or bulk-note feed, plus different cassette sizes. The 2400 Series provides cash security and greater employee accountability through an audit trail that connects each transaction to a registered user.

Spec sheet

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Compact black safe

FireKing Summit Series

The Summit Series bill validating safes can take your cash management process to the next level. This network solution not only brings the latest technology to day-to-day cash processing at your retail locations, but also leverages our Summit Web Services to make daily cash handling information available to your entire organization.

Spec sheet

Call 1-800-731-2441 for current pricing on our FireKing Summit Series bill validating safe. Or email us for pricing.


NKL V2CC15 (Only Available Refurbished)

A dual stand alone validator (bill counter) which will count your money, control your drops, and maximize your Managers / Bookkeepers time. It comes with two (2) Single Bill feed Cash Code Validators and two (2) 1500 note holding cassettes. For a total holding power of 3000 notes.

Spec. Sheet.

Call 1-800-731-2441 for current pricing. Or email us for pricing.

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