Cash Validating Safes

A lot of funds flow in and out of your business every day, and being able to manage it all is vital to keeping your revenue protected. Cash validating safes are the perfect solution for managing your change and drop funds with one audit trail. These safes will account for all drops and vends by user and time of day. This way, you’re never left wondering where you stand at the end of every business day. Electronic money counting safes are a great setup for convenience stores or any operation dealing with high volumes of coin and or paper. Heathco International provides a series of superior-quality safes, and each one will keep your earnings protected and your records organized. Explore our selection of products here to learn more.

Armor 7300 Series

Armor 7300 Series

The Armor 7300 Series offers the ultimate level of cash-counting and bill validation with change-fund management and audit trail of all transactions. This cash validating safe can be ordered with various validator configurations, like single-note feed or bulk-note feed, plus different cassette sizes. 96 or 120 tube dispensary enables more flexibility to manage your change fund.

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Two large Summit Series safes

FireKing Summit Series

The combined Summit bill validating and tube dispensing safes can meet all your cash management needs. Summit devices make real-time business analytics and cash handling information available to your entire organization.

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Customized Cash Management Solutions

Our cash validating safes come in several different models including products with tube dispensing units and different size cassettes. What makes a cash validating, tube dispensing safe unique is that you can often tailor the validator and the dispensary. If you want a single-note feed, a bulk-note feed, or other configuration, you can order various cassette sizes. The bill validation process protects your high volume cash count and revenue. Several units also come with built-in analytics technology that allows you to track and audit your funds.

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