Small Business Commercial Cash Safes

It’s no secret that businesses keep cash on hand. Even local thieves know that it’s there if they look hard enough. As such, it is vital that you have the means to protect these assets from potential robberies and preserve your revenue. Commercial cash safes are among the most secure tools for keeping prying hands away from your hard-earned money. That’s why Heathco International is dedicated to ensuring that you have one of your own.

For more than 35 years, Heathco International has been finding the right commercial cash safes for thousands of businesses worldwide.

We are proud to offer a wide range of cost-effective, smart small business safes, each with their own range of protection ratings and specialized features to accommodate unique business needs. If you’re a small-to-mid-sized business looking for cash management solutions that can be tailored to your organization, consider Heathco International’s wide range of small business cash management safes that include:
cash dispensing safes, validator/bill accepting safes, conventional till safes and more.

Commercial and Residential
Water Filtration Products

In addition to our cash management solutions, Heathco International also specializes in the distribution
of commercial and residential water filtration products. As a leading Pentair Everpure distributor,
Heathco carries a wide range of water filtration products perfect for residential and commercial applications.

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